Performance Fix(16)

These short audio or video clips are designed to help you get better at the things you want to get better at. These simple prompts are common sense which is not commonly applied.

The Performance Fix 015

Are you an explorer or an examiner? Find out with our latest performance fix.

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The Performance Fix 014

This fix is all about you taking control and having a very simple check that keeps you in control as often as possible.

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The Performance Fix 013

In this performance fix we would like you to reconsider your approach to goal setting.

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The Performance Fix 012

This fix is all about your ability to create a challenge mindset in the moments that matter for you.

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The Performance Fix 011

Watch our short performance fix video and learn how to choose the right attitude to give you the greatest chance of success.

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The Performance Fix 10

In this fix we are going to introduce you to the 100% mentality. Imagine applying that 100% mindset to everything you do. That’s a winning mentality

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The Performance Fix 09

We’ve spoken with lots of people we’ve coached over the last 20 years about the benefits that they’d have if sometimes they could just switch their brain to ‘stupid mode.

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work life balance
The Performance Fix 08

Has anyone ever actually achieved work-life balance? We think not many of you, so here’s something more helpful.

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The performance fix self talk
The Performance Fix 07

This fix is all about talking to yourself and helping you to ignore the propaganda about positive self talk

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The Performance Fix 06

This fix is all about helping you stay on track with any goals you set for yourself or any behaviour that you are trying to change over time.

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The Performance Fix 05
The Performance Fix 05

This fix is all about high performance meetings. Take 60 seconds to learn about the 3 key phases needed for great meetings.

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The Performance Fix 04
The Performance Fix 04

Learn how to take control of your day by listening to our 60 second performance fix.

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