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The Performance Room on desktop mobile and tablet devices
The Performance Room on desktop mobile and tablet devices
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If you want to take control and perform to your potential, this is the place for you…Welcome to The Performance Room.

This is the place where you can learn how to perform, whatever your role, whatever your arena. Where you can be the best version of yourself, any day you choose and when it matters most.

Wins for your business

  • Greater productivity, energy and focus
  • Better performance and results
  • Competitive advantage over the rest
  • Develop a world class performance culture
  • Increased motivation and engagement
  • People driving their own performance

There are 4 membership options to choose from and whatever your business needs, there’ll be an option to suit you.

See the table below for a snap shot of what’s included with each of the options and read on or click here for more information. If you would prefer to have a chat please get in touch.

TPR membership for all users  ✓  ✓  ✓
Live webinar with a PlanetK2 coach  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
Introductory video  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
Ongoing coaching support  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
Linking to your business
Plus a touch of PlanetK2
Sprints / Workouts
Masterclasses / HPX
Train the trainer  ✓
INVESTMENT Starting from £100 per month
for up to 10 users
 + £1,675 Get in touch Get in touch

Packages – Features & Benefits

1. Base subscription

Subscription to TPR for as many users as you like, plus support from us to help you maximise the impact.

Here’s what’s included in this option:

  • TPR Membership for all users
    Including access to kitbags, training plans, unlimited downloads of guides, tools, videos, infographics and viewpoints, a locker to store favourites, The Performance Cafe, athlete at work online® and access to ‘ask an expert’
  • Webinar with a PlanetK2 Coach
    For key sponsors to help get you started and create the maximum impact
  • Introductory video of how to use
    A pre-recorded video showing users a step by step guide to get the most out of TPR
  • Ongoing coaching support
    A PlanetK2 Coach to support your business to maximise membership, including admin support to help with implementation and ongoing maintenance


User Band Cost per month Cost per user per month
10 users £100 £10
25 users £200 £8
50 users £300 £6
100 users £500 £5
250 users £750 £3
500 users £1000 £2
1000 users £1500 £1.50
Unlimited users £2000

2. Link to your business

Go one step further – we’ll help bring your business initiatives to life by helping you link them to TPR in a simple and relevant way.

You’ll get all the features of the Base subscription with the addition of:

  • Linking TPR to your business initiatives
    You’ll have a PlanetK2 performance expert spend a day with you and your team where you’ll learn how to use The Performance Room to help fit with your development priorities and core competencies

3. Add a touch of PlanetK2

Enhance the learning experience by adding face to face coaching sessions – from 45 minute sprints to signature 2-day programmes.

You’ll get all the features of our Base subscription and Link to your business packages and you’ll also get:

  • A touch of PlanetK2
    Choose from a variety of face to face sessions for individuals, teams, small and large groups:
  • Sprints – 45 minute high impact, high performance sessions – great for breakfast sessions, “lunch and learn” etc.
  • Workouts – 90–120 minute high performance sessions on a range of high performance topics
  • Masterclasses – 1 day sessions taking a deeper dive into high performance
  • HPX – PlanetK2’s signature coaching programmes for individuals and teams – the athlete at work® and eliteteam®. Longer term, hugely impactful coaching programmes

4. Embed in your DNA

We’re not precious – we’d love to help you really embed high performance philosophies into your DNA with our Train the Trainer Programme.

Our most comprehensive package, you get everything from packages 1, 2 & 3 as well as:

  • Train the Trainer
    You’ll already enjoy access to The Coaches Room where you can find everything you need to run the PlanetK2 high performance sessions including Presenters Guides and Slides. For long term sustainability however we’ll run a Train the Trainer programme for up to 10 people in your business to enable you to deliver our signature programmes confidently yourself.

Drop an email through to or call him on 07821 975859 for more information.

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