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Food for thought to help give your performance a boost based on our experience in the world of sport and business.

10 habits of elite performers

Elite performers are different. They think and act in unique ways and they practise high impact habits with passion and discipline. If you’re serious & curious about finding out how good you can be […]

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Simplicity - the ultimate sophistication

We’ve been working on our values lately – the things that as a team, guide our decisions, get us up and ready to go on a wet Wednesday morning, that […]

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What's your excuse?

I used to know a decorator called Louis. Louis was always late and he had the biggest book of excuses in the world to explain why. Some were plausible, some […]

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It's historic!

Those on a journey to be the best they can be, and to become consistently high level performers in whatever they do, consistently challenge existing practices, methodologies and thinking. We […]

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Desire to improve...

Here at PlanetK2 we know all too well that having potential is one thing and actually fulfilling it is another. Harnessing the desire to improve is one of the core […]

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Delegation is Dead

We’re pleased to announce that delegation is dead, at least in high performing teams. Ordinary teams, with their hierarchical structures are often still indulging in delegation, immediately preceded by thoughts […]

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Are you choosing performance?

There are so many other men that could be sitting in this seat, but he’s sitting here (as Olympic champion). The reason that he’s sitting here is because of the […]

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Are you waiting for perfect playing conditions?

You might have sunshine, rain, a million things to do or just one. Whatever the conditions are, they’re just the conditions. The conditions might be out of your control, but they’re […]

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Sense of Control

Along with confidence and connectedness, your sense of control is a key determinant of the level, intensity and sustainability of your motivation and a factor influencing performance. Read on for […]

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Choose your mindset – dissatisfaction or delivery

An Olympic or Paralympic Games represents the pinnacle of most athletes and coaches careers. It is certainly the most important event in the 4 year ‘Olympiad’. As an Olympic Games […]

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Be the “Worst Rower in the boat”

Our work in elite sport means that we get to learn some important things from some truly great performers. This includes being around extraordinary athletes such as Sir Steve Redgrave, […]

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What is technical readiness?

Have you got all of the knowledge and skills you need to do your job? Technical performance is about knowledge and skills. Readiness in this part of the pie is […]

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