How I manage stress

This weeks blog comes from Sophie Radcliffe, a PlanetK2 athlete ambassador. Sophie is an adventurer who inspires people by taking on remarkable challenges but she’s also a brand ambassador, blogger and writer and this week she shares her story on how she manages stress.

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Make stress work for you

Despite years of research and huge amounts of money invested in reducing stress, it’s still one of the most popular topics for conversations in all of the work that we do. The problem is that all of this research and energy has been focused on trying to remove or reduce something that is never going to stop existing.

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The two sides of stress

Stress is my Enemy vs Stress is my Friend

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Early Warning Signs of Stress

If you can identify the early warning signs of stress you’ll be better equipped to take control.

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Stress Busting (Inspired by Dr Kelly McGonigal)

Have all of your efforts to remove stress worked? Have the thousands of pounds invested in stress management techniques paid off for your company? If you’re serious about stress reduction, […]

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Are you stressing yourself?

There’s enough stuff to stress you out there without you stressing yourself! This tool will help you understand the unhelpful beliefs that often results in people experiencing more stress.

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Stress – the ultimate balancing act?

Creating anything worthwhile is going to carry a degree of stress. In fact, more often than not, the stress is an essential ingredient to delivering the final success.

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How being ready changes stress

If you’re often feeling the stress of situations, then here’s how a commitment to improving your readiness to perform can help you.

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5 ways to make stress your friend

Try these top tips to help you to develop a different relationship with stress so that it can work in your favour.

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