Putting it all together (Week 11-12)

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Well done! You’ve worked your way through the 5 key focus areas and are nearing the end of the training plan.

For the last two weeks of it, you’ll now be putting everything together. You’ll be combining what’s worked for you over the last 10 weeks into a lovely final 2 week plan.

Brilliant and well done.

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Putting it all together

What to do

You’ve been learning and practicing some really important skills to help you keep motivated through tough times. It’s now about putting all this together. You’ll be taking the best bits of the last 10 weeks to create a plan to keep motivated over the next two weeks.

Why do it

Taking time to review what’s worked and create a ‘super plan’ is boring but important. Elite performers never stop doing that. They’re constantly reviewing, learning and tweaking so that they’re better and better at what they do – whether it’s about keeping motivated through tough times or anything else.

Doing this:

  • Combines the best bits for maximum impact
  • Gives you a reliable plan that you know will work every time
  • Lays the foundations for great performance habits
  • Means you’re really understanding what works and is right for you

How to do it

There are 3 steps to take with this. Read these through, look at the example and then create your own plan.

1. Review what’s worked

Start by checking to see what rating you gave yourself at the start of the plan on how well you keep motivated in tough times, and where you said you’d like to be. Then look back over the last 10 weeks and pick out what’s really worked well for you. There will be stuff that’s worked well and stuff that hasn’t worked so well. Remember this is what’s helped you improve and get to the rating at the end of the plan (which you’re nearly at) – not simply to get to 10/10. You were aiming to improve not be perfect on this!

2. Your ‘super plan’

You’ll then be creating a ‘super plan’ of all the stuff you’re going to practice over the next 2 weeks. These are the things you’ll be committing to doing! You’ll also note down when you’ll be doing it.

3. Your practice schedule

You’re clear on what you’re going to be doing and when – this last bit is about getting it in your diary and also telling anyone else who needs to know about it.

Example plan

You’re nearly ready to put it all together so you keep motivated in tough times. But to help you along the way, we’ve completed an example of keeping motivated through a period of restructure and change. Read through it, get some ideas from it and then create your own plan.

1. Review what’s worked in helping you keep more motivated.

My starting point /10 (your rating at the start of the plan) 6/10
My ending point /10 (your rating for end of the plan) 9/10
Impact (0-10)
Weeks 1 & 2 Understand what motivates you 9 Great to get this understanding so I can focus my energy into the right stuff
Weeks 3 & 4 Prioritise and take control 10 Really helpful to get control and keep focused every day
Weeks 5 & 6 Fuel your confidence 6 Think I’m pretty good at this but useful to keep doing the basics
Weeks 7 & 8 Get connected 8 Surprised me how useful this was!
Weeks 9 & 10 Control the controllables 10 Control definitely key for me – makes a big difference for my motivation

2. My ‘super plan’

 Over the next two weeks, I’ll be practicing:
Focus area What When
Understand what motivates you
  • Worth redoing this – check that this still applies and add any insight from the last 10 weeks
Every day!
Prioritise and take control
  • Weekly priority check
  • Continue to get clarity from the business about my future role
  • Daily schedules
Monday, 8am

Tim – Wednesday

John – Thursday

Every day!

Fuel your confidence Useful to keep on top of!

  • Weekly check on how to use strengths for what’s coming up
  • Continue to feedback – Tim most useful
Monday, 8am

Tim –Friday check-in

Get connected
  • Offer support to Tim and other departments heads – big 2 weeks ahead for them
  • Invest time on relationship with Louise – need to have her as an ally in my new role
  • Keep checking in on who I need to connect with – redo the exercise
Tim –Friday check-in

Other heads – meeting on Monday

Louise – coffee Tuesday

Check in next Monday

Control the controllables
  • Daily check ins to ensure I’m focused on what I can control
  • Make choice NOT to worry about uncontrollables

Talk to my wife every day

3. My practice schedule

Get it in the diary now!

Who else do I need to speak to:

My team and Tim – I’ll share with them what I’ve been doing, ask for their support and let them know I’d love some feedback about my attitude and performance over the next two weeks.


Coaching tips

This is the final piece of the jigsaw. It’s worth spending time creating detail on it as it’s your blueprint that you’ll be using from now on, and which you’ll refine and improve. So treat this as the most important 2 weeks of the whole training plan and you won’t go far wrong!

I'm ready to start!

   Ok, it’s now time to create your own.
Put your training plan together