What to do when you join a new team

Team work is a regular part of modern day working, so joining a new team is something that people have to do pretty regularly. Despite this, it’s still something we get asked about a lot in terms of providing support and helping people with their confidence levels as they step into a new team role.

In reality, there’s a skill to joining a new team, and with a few simple ideas you can make joining a new team something you look forward to rather than fear.

If team work is a regular part of how you work, then this is the kitbag for you. It contains some beautifully simple advice that will help you become a team joining ninja in no time!

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How to join a new team with confidence

In a recent meeting, we were counting up the number of teams each person in the room was a member of. The numbers added up very quickly and when we […]

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Getting ready to join a new team

Bringing the qualities to life that got you invited to be part of a team in the first place is the most important factor to remember as you start in […]

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Joining a new team

Teams are everywhere in the world of work. According to Queens University, nearly 3 in 4 people at work rate team work and collaboration as very important. Team working ability […]

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10 things to do when you join a new team

Worrying about joining a new team? Here are 10 tips on different things you can do when you join a new team.

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