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High Performance Survival with Danielle North

As we’re forced to do things a little differently in our lives right now, is it time to think a little differently? Chris Shambrook and Danielle North, CEO Pause Global […]

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Control the Controllables - Daily Challenge

Now is a really good time to focus on the things you can control and to reduce the amount of time you find yourself thinking and talking about things you’re […]

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How ready are you to work from home?

Use the performance pie ready reckoner to get your readiness score. Give yourself a score for each element of the pie based on how you feel right now and then […]

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Working from home with the family

Working from home can be challenging at the best of times but throw a child or more into the mix and it adds a whole new dimension! We’re experts in […]

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The helpful and unhelpful beliefs about working from home

In this infographic we share some common helpful and unhelpful beliefs that people have about working from home.

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Responding as an organisation in challenging times

In challenging times there’s huge value in facing things collectively. This is particularly true if you can respond, as one with the core ingredients of a Challenge Mindset to the […]

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Create readiness to perform when working from home

How can you continue making progress even when you are not able to work in the normal way?  How do you stay productive? How do you stay connected if you […]

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Working from home

If you’re working from home for the first time or for longer periods than usual then it’s even more important to be able to stay connected to colleagues, connected to […]

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10 ways to build a performance habit

We hear a lot about high performance habits, but less about how to build them. Here’s our top tips…

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Olympians are different

Olympic analogies are commonplace. In Olympic year they’re everywhere. The reality is that the contrast between the extraordinary and the ordinary are often pretty clear.

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Leaders guide to navigating the Olympic analogies

In an Olympic year it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of analogies around us, all urging us to take lessons from the Olympics to become more awesome […]

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The Olympic mindset - what's in it for you?

The Olympics is a four year pinnacle of performance excellence. It takes a massive effort and requires enormous motivation just to get there. Are you and your organisation ready to […]

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