Perform better

Our work lives constantly demand more of us, in less time and with less resource. We’re struggling to cope and feel we’re underperforming. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Here’s the solution…

How we can help

If you want to take control and perform to your potential, this is the place for you. Welcome to The Performance Room.

This is the place where you can learn how to perform, whatever your role, whatever your arena. Where you can be the best version of yourself, any day you choose and when it matters most.

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      Learn from the experts

      Who have helped deliver GB success at 5 Olympic Games.

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      Tailor made training plans

      12 week plans to improve your performance.

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      Performance kitbags

      Ready made bundles of content in key areas.

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      Your own dashboard

      View the latest content and track your progress.

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      Ask a Performance Expert

      On standby ready to answer your questions.

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      The Performance Café

      What’s hot and happening in the world of performance.

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      The Coaching Room

      Coach and support others in your group or business.

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      Get more done and deliver better results

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      Work smarter and more productively

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      Be in control of your work, performance and life

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      Create more energy at work and at play

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      Be ready to peak when it really matters

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      Improve your career prospects

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      Greater productivity, energy and focus

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      Better performance and better results

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      Competitive advantage over the rest

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      Develop a world class performance culture

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      Increased motivation and engagement

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      People driving their own performance

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Who we are

The Performance Room is the brainchild of K2, human performance experts who have worked with the worlds best athletes at the last 5 Olympic Games and leading global businesses over the last 12 years.

Chris Shambrook Keith Hatter Katherine Bond

Why people love it

Fi Bailiff
Regional Service Manager - NFU Mutual

“The Performance Room has totally changed the way I’m approaching my performance. I’m performing better at work and at home - and the results show it.”

Sophie Radcliffe
Athlete and adventurer

“Working with K2 coaches and using The Performance Room has helped me make some major life changes and get ready to take on some big challenges this year.”

Angus Jenkins
HR Director UK - Rackspace

“A fantastic and unique resource for businesses. Look no further if you're serious about performance. Great value for individuals, teams and organisations.”

Who we've worked with Who we've worked with

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