Watch an expert talk through the highlights of a high performance topic.

Mental Health in the Workplace

In this video Chris Shambrook talks to Keith Hatter & Matt Barker about harnessing high performance whilst staying focused on mental health.

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Perfectionism, failure & confidence.

In this webinar Chris Shambrook introduces some different ways of thinking about perfectionism and failure so that confidence is able to be built in a more powerful way. Drawing on […]

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The high performance approach to feedback

Feedback is probably almost as misunderstood as Performance. We have a lot of conversations with people that we’re coaching about the importance of feedback and we spend a lot of […]

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The Performance Room!

Sit back and enjoy this short video which shows some of the great features & highlights of The Performance Room. For additional information check out our help page or get […]

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How to deliver the performance of your life - today!

Sophie Radcliffe shares with us how she focusses on the mental, physical and emotional parts of the performance pie to keep herself motivated and ready for peak performance.

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How did you manage feedback?

In this video Helen Glover MBE talks to us about what she learnt from her rowing partner Heather Stanning in absorbing feedback.

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Relationship with nerves

In this video Chris Shambrook talks to Helen Glover MBE about how she experienced nerves and the impact it had on her performance.

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Did you have a mindset for sleep before competition?

Helen Glover MBE talks to us about her mindset towards sleep and the different tactics she would put in place to manage her sleep before competition.

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Negative thinking isn't bad

In our video series we talk to Helen Glover MBE about her relationship with negative thoughts and the processes she would use to manage negativity.

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The drive for discipline

Chris Shambrook psychologist talks to Helen Glover MBE about her motivation, discipline and the impact other people had on her drive to succeed.

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Managing feedback when fatigued

Helen Glover MBE talks to us about how fatigue influenced the coaching conversations she would have with coaches and team mates.

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What role did the people around you play?

In our video series we talk to Helen Glover MBE about how the environment and people around her influenced her confidence.

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