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Food for thought to help give your performance a boost based on our experience in the world of sport and business.

Does work really have to be this hard?

The singular obsession with results and organisations being slaves to their scoreboards has resulted in workplace cultures where the zeitgeist is full of perceptions of excessive busyness, pressure and the […]

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The Importance of Prioritising a Daily Rest and Recovery Plan

What’s your attitude towards rest and recovery? Is it a luxury that you have no time for or a necessity that is always the first to be scarified during busy […]

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Centre of Gravity

I had a great discussion with Matt Barker recently about finding the balance between your primary areas of impact, and understanding how they dynamically change through the year. We talked […]

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Business as unusual

I’m privileged to work with so many great leaders and leadership teams and in the conversations I have had recently I want to share these common themes. What would you […]

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Building your Mental Fitness

Here are two basic but key ways of developing a strong foundation for building your Mental Fitness and underwriting your Mental Health at work.

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The uncomfortable truth about leading performance

If you're a leader, you're a leader of people. If you’re a leader of people, you’re looking to get the best possible performance from them. Therefore, an important element of leadership is to focus the best attention and energy of your people onto doing the things they need to do to get the results you want.

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How do you compare?

I’ve realised I’m really bored with the whole “stop comparing yourself to other people, compare yourself to yourself” plea. It’s doing a huge disservice to people who naturally benefit from […]

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Is the training effect kicking in for you?

Many of us have started the working day with an unfamiliar feeling; aching muscles! All manner of body parts being stretched and stressed in ways they haven’t know for years, […]

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Control the Controllables - Daily Challenge

Now is a really good time to focus on the things you can control and to reduce the amount of time you find yourself thinking and talking about things you’re […]

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High Performance Survival

It’s time to re-define success. For as long as you can all remember, you’ve been showered with all manner of advice about the importance of focusing on success and believing […]

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Choose your response

We’re hearing about lots of new, unplanned for challenges. Here are some tips on how you could respond to some of the current challenges.

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Create readiness to perform when working from home

How can you continue making progress even when you are not able to work in the normal way?  How do you stay productive? How do you stay connected if you […]

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