Performance insights(69)

Food for thought to help give your performance a boost based on our experience in the world of sport and business.

What is physical performance readiness?

Think about what happens at a time when you’re tired and hungry. It’s difficult to concentrate. You’re more likely to be irritable with other people. Interruptions can cause excessive frustration. […]

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What is mental readiness?

Knowing what you need to think and getting good at thinking it – is a pretty simple definition of mental readiness for preparing and performing and depending on who you’re […]

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What is contextual readiness?

Contextual readiness is all about knowing and then managing the performance environment. There are physical influences in the performance environment that determine your current level of contextual readiness. Clearly there […]

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The Performance Calendar

Over the years we’ve had a lot of success working with teams and individuals with a performance calendar. The idea comes from a typical approach that coaches and athletes use […]

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Getting ready for your new role

Have you secured a new role in your current business? Is your role changing? Are you moving to a position in a different organisation? Whatever your situation confident transitions into […]

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Big day. Poor sleep. Help!

It’s one of the great ironies of significant performance moments. Either you’ll have a poor night’s sleep as a result of the increased brain activity, or one of your kids […]

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Employee Engagement

8 reasons why Employee Engagement is in danger of disappearing up its own arse by Keith Hatter. If you enjoy this and want to know more, tune in to this […]

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Sex, drugs & boxes

The 9-box grid is thought to have been developed by McKinsey to help GE prioritise investments across its 150 business units. Using it for people makes as much sense as […]

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So you want a more confident team?

In supporting some great people over the last 5 Olympic Games, team confidence is something I’ve spent a huge amount of time thinking about and helping out with. Growing confidence […]

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Unconscious competence – the biggest risk of all

If you can do something without thinking about it, congratulations but watch out. It’s the riskiest place of all. It’s great – because you can do it without much thought, […]

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The 100% mentality

The 100% mentality is the ability to be superb at getting 100% out of whatever readiness you have going into any key performance moment, and it’s a key differentiator that’s […]

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Winning Minds seek balance from bias

The great performers I’ve been lucky enough to support have all got their unique personality characteristics and in-built bias. However, one thing that stands out for all of the great […]

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