Is the training effect kicking in for you?

Many of us over the past couple of weeks have been starting the working day with an unfamiliar feeling; aching muscles! All manner of body parts being stretched and stressed […]

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Choose your response

We’re hearing about lots of new, unplanned for challenges. Here are some tips on how you could respond to some of the current challenges.

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How ready are you to work from home?

Use the performance pie ready reckoner to get your readiness score. Give yourself a score for each element of the pie based on how you feel right now and then […]

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Working from home with the family

Working from home can be challenging at the best of times but throw a child or more into the mix and it adds a whole new dimension! We’re experts in […]

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High Performance Survival

It’s time to re-define success. For as long as you can all remember, you’ve been showered with all manner of advice about the importance of focusing on success and believing […]

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Leaders - put your own oxygen mask on first

If you’re not practising good self-care, then you’re likely to be under-performing. Think of self-care in the same way as putting your oxygen mask on first on the plane. It’s […]

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Create a confident work from home mindset

How do you stay confident, maintain productivity and a sense of control when so much feels out of our control or uncertain? Working from home for the first time or […]

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Responding as an organisation in challenging times

In challenging times there’s huge value in facing things collectively. This is particularly true if you can respond, as one with the core ingredients of a Challenge Mindset to the […]

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Create readiness to perform when working from home

How can you continue making progress even when you are not able to work in the normal way?  How do you stay productive? How do you stay connected if you […]

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Working from home with Performance & Motivation in mind

When the conditions change and we move from the normal working environments and if we're forced to work from home, there's no reason why it should have an adverse effect on our performance and productivity.

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Abdur-Rahim Jackson - Healthy Obsessions

Abdur-Rahim Jackson is a talented and hugely experienced dancer, choreographer and one of Ramberts Rehearsal Directors. We had the privilege of interviewing him at our PerformanceFest Healthy Obsessions Lounge event. […]

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Safter Salam & Aisling Byrnes - Healthy Obsessions

Safter is a hugely talented and multi award winning solicitor and Aisling is one of only a handful of barristers ranked in the top tier of both the Legal 500 and […]

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