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Take Aim with Success and Failure

When you’re setting out to achieve anything important to you, we highly recommend completing the following four steps in the order that makes most sense to you. Write the answers […]

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The Performance Pie Ready Reckoner

Use the performance pie ready reckoner to get your readiness score. Give yourself a score for each element of the pie based on how you feel right now and then […]

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Are you a One System Thinker?

Test yourself on how good a One System Thinker you believe you are.

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Interview Readiness

Becoming an interview ninja! Interviews are a great opportunity to use some of the other content we’ve got elsewhere in The Performance Room. Anything about the Challenge Mindset and dealing […]

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The Olympic mindset - what's in it for you?

The Olympics is a four year pinnacle of performance excellence. It takes a massive effort and requires enormous motivation just to get there. Are you and your organisation ready to […]

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Olympians are different

Olympic analogies are commonplace. In Olympic year they’re everywhere. The reality is that the contrast between the extraordinary and the ordinary are often pretty clear.

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How to feel more engaged at work

Feeling more engaged at work will fuel your performance, help you overcome challenges and enhance your high-performance happiness. This tool will help you feel more engaged, whatever your playing conditions. […]

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Getting ready to join a new team

Bringing the qualities to life that got you invited to be part of a team in the first place is the most important factor to remember as you start in […]

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Building a mental health friendly workplace

If you want to develop a mental health friendly workplace then it is important that you are ready to play your part. This tool will help you identify the skills […]

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Being ready to support a mental health friendly workplace

If you want to develop a mental health friendly workplace then it is your responsibility to help employees to be as ready as they can to face the daily demands […]

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How to review performance

Getting the basics right will really improve your performance reviewing. Remove assumptions, be clear what you’re reviewing and why!

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Feedforward to Feedback

Feedback really only works properly when you’ve got a clear reference point you’re feeding back against. This tool will help you kick start the feedback process by building a really […]

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