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How this team rolls

High performing teams know the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that will help them win and they know how important they are. So they work hard at them and practise them […]

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Create a compelling and powerful team purpose

High performing teams have a clear purpose they focus on. They’re clear about why the team exists and what it’s there to do. That way, they make the most of […]

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Create powerful team goals that really work

High performing teams need to be clear why they exist, what winning looks like and how they need to think and act. Until that’s sorted, don’t bother with anything else. […]

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The Performance Pie by Planet K2 on The Performance Room
Creating your performance pie

If you’re serious about performing well, knowing what affects your performance and then taking control of those things so that you can perform when it matters is vital. This tool […]

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High performance team assessment

High performing teams are different. They think and act in unique ways and they practise high impact habits with passion and discipline. If you’re serious about your team being high […]

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High performance team tracker

High performing teams are different. They keep track of things they need to do that they can control, influence and that predict great performance. Then they use that information to […]

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Choose your attitude

If you want to fulfil your talent rather than just know you’ve got it, your mindset and attitude is the single most important thing to be working on. This tool […]

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Approach performance like the world’s best

Shift your approach to performance. Stop obsessing just about results and start putting your energy into what you need to do to get the results you want. This tool will […]

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