Performance Fix(32)

These short audio or video clips are designed to help you get better at the things you want to get better at. These simple prompts are common sense which is not commonly applied.

Podium goals

In this fix we’re going to introduce you to a very useful addition to your goal setting toolkit.

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The triathlete mindset

In this fix we’d like to introduce you to the potential of a triathlete mindset at work.

Posted in: Performance FixMindset

A question to ask your team

In this fix we’ve got a question for you to use if you’re a team.

Posted in: Performance FixTeams

Developing a marathon runners mindset

In this fix we want you to think about whether you are getting the benefit from a marathon runners mindset.

Posted in: Performance FixEnergythe basics

The keep doing list

In this fix we want to introduce you to a list which is about your performance: The keep doing list.

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How to build your resilience

In this fix we want you to focus on building your resilience.

Posted in: Performance FixResilience

Getting ready to be coached

In this fix we are focusing on how you can get ready to be coached.

Posted in: Performance FixCoaching

Role clarity as a part of team performance

When it comes to role clarity there are 3 simple things that you need to remember…

Posted in: Performance FixTeams

What is performance?

In this fix we are introducing you to our most simple and frequently used fix, defining the word performance.

Posted in: Performance FixPerformance

The why, what & how of great teams

In this fix we are focusing on team performance and making sure that your team is set up to fulfil its potential.

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What is Performance Intelligence?

In this fix we are talking to you about performance intelligence.

Posted in: Performance FixConfidencePerformance

How good are you at not demotivating?

Are you great at not demotivating? In this fix we would like you to check in with your mindset when it comes to motivation.

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