Performance Fix(44)

Short video clips and easy to follow performance fixes are designed to help you get better at the things you want to get better at. These simple prompts are common sense which is not commonly applied.

Bullet Proof Confidence

Confidence is not a personality trait or quality. It’s not something you either have or haven’t. Being confident is a skill and everyone can build their confidence and in this […]

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Staying Focused

If now is the time to knuckle down and make your efforts have impact here are 6 ways to stay focused.

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Reviewing Performance

We fundamentally believe that sustainable performances are only possible when we are passionate about reviewing and learning from every performance. Start asking yourself these great review questions so you can […]

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The Why, What & How of Great Teams

Ever wondered what makes a great team? In this Performance Fix we explore the Why, What and How of great teams.

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Building Confidence in Teams

Being part of a confident team has a brilliant essence to it. Dynamic confidence in teams is a simple and powerful mix of 3 things which we are all responsible […]

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Self compassion during times of stress

There are times when we are highly aware that we are experiencing some kind of trauma or external stress that is impacting our health and wellbeing. This performance fix offers […]

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The value of self compassionate leadership

A leader who is slowly underperforming to an ever greater level because they’re not taking care of themselves soon won’t be fit to lead. So that you can be great […]

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Shifting focus to a performance obsession

When we’re not able to use the goals and targets we’re used to, confidence and control can start to reduce quickly. This doesn’t have to be the case. Follow these […]

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Asking the right questions to stay in control

When you’re in a time of crisis, the ability to rely on the right questions to point you in the right direction makes a significant difference to your outlook. The […]

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Look after your body from the physical symptoms of stress

Given we all experience upheaval in our lives it seems fair to assume that many people will experience some kind of trauma that will have an effect on them. This […]

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Who helps you to perform?

In this fix we’re focusing on a simple method to check in on how healthy your emotional section is within the performance pie. Who’s in your players box?

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How's your relationship with confidence?

This fix is about your relationship with confidence and building the foundations to ensure it’s robust enough so that it’s really difficult to become compromised.

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