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Tough conditions. Hunker down or keep strutting your stuff?

When times are tough, it can be tempting to hunker down and wait for the bad weather to pass. You’ve got to do the right thing and watch your costs […]

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Are you performing in your comfort zone?

“If you’re not outside your comfort zone, you won’t learn anything” Calling Bulls**it on this. *Quickly gets coach and horses and makes ready to drive!* Staying in your comfort zone, […]

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Setting targets and using goals

Interesting conversation with a team recently about setting targets and using goals. We concluded that a business sets targets. Sometimes they set targets that are out of reach. Sometimes they […]

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Developing your team’s Psychological Safety Card

“Welcome aboard Ladies and Gentlemen. Please could we have attention for your safety briefing…” All over the world, anyone who has ever been on an airplane has a common understanding […]

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Courageous Leadership And Hybrid Working

Leading With Courage And Grace I had the privilege of guiding the discussion at a leadership forum recently, and the issue that popped up most frequently was how to lead […]

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HIIT at work

Repeated sprints. An old concept that we used to apply with people on the athlete at work programme. The concept is based on interval training in sport, which in more […]

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Rebuilding confidence after being furloughed

Coming back to work after an absence can be challenging. The experience is probably not dissimilar to that feeling of going back to school after a summer holiday; getting back […]

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Busy Introverting
Top tips to help introverts express themselves effectively in meetings

Introverts have just as must potential of adding value to discussions as anyone else. In fact, there are many aspects of communicating that introverts typically bring that add real robustness […]

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KH after photo
Getting ready for 2021

It started as vanity and curiosity…and it led to somewhere completely unexpected… Back in February, when the roadmap relating to coming out of lockdown was announced, something was clear to […]

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Performance Pie Management

Roger Federer – The Ultimate Performance Readiness Champion It’s no surprise that Roger Federer is still going strong in his tennis career. He’s been an expert in managing his Performance […]

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Christmas Survival

“I wish it could be Christmas Everyday…” Really? Every day? Imagine it… We’d all be enormous! Excessive food, too much to drink, not enough sleep… all a bit tough for […]

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Helen Glover, from Competitor to Mother

I’ve experienced this moment twice before. Blood pumping loudly in my ears. Pain screaming from every inch of my tired body. The sweat dripping down my forehead running into my […]

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