Are you performing in your comfort zone?

Reading time: 3 minutes

“If you’re not outside your comfort zone, you won’t learn anything”

Calling Bulls**it on this.

*Quickly gets coach and horses and makes ready to drive!*

Staying in your comfort zone, you will learn:

  1. What it feels like to work to your embedded strengths and how to make even more effective/efficient use of them.
  2. What it feels like to dwell on thoughts like “I’m good enough” and “I’m confident I’ve got what I need” and “I wonder how well I can use my strengths today” and “I wonder how easy I can take it and still be good”.
  3. What it feels like to have energy in the system and a sense of time and space to take stock and enjoy where you’ve got to.
  4. What other people are like around you when you are relaxed and confident, rather than always demanding more of yourself.
  5. How to clearly identify what your areas of development that you’ll really benefit from (strengthening strengths probably more useful than simply plugging gaps), and how to access them by getting into some new contexts.
  6. How to not burn out as a function of buying into the constant bullshit that we have to be outside of our comfort zone to be any type of worthwhile person.
  7. How it’s not actually a COMFORT ZONE! It’s a ZONE of OPTIMAL FUNCTIONING and learning how to make the most of being in that zone is essential if you want to fulfil your potential rather than just have it.

In the moments of amazing achievement, every great performer I know was performing to the capability; their crafted potential. They had achieved this by staying in and getting out of their comfort zones in a highly effective way.

However, learning to exploit what is – rather than covet what might still be, was the most important mindset shift I saw take place.

When it really matters, the very best proudly cement themselves into their proudly developed comfort zone and enjoy/exploit it.

Are you ready to proudly be in your comfort zone when it matters most, while others exhaust themselves by thinking it’s a place never to be, ever?