Asking the right questions to stay in control

When you’re in a time of crisis, the ability to rely on the right questions to point you in the right direction makes a significant difference to your outlook. The […]

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Sense of Control

Along with confidence and connectedness, your sense of control is a key determinant of the level, intensity and sustainability of your motivation and a factor influencing performance. Read on for […]

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Desire to improve...

Here at PlanetK2 we know all too well that having potential is one thing and actually fulfilling it is another. Harnessing the desire to improve is one of the core […]

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How to feel more engaged at work

Feeling more engaged at work will fuel your performance, help you overcome challenges and enhance your high-performance happiness. This tool will help you feel more engaged, whatever your playing conditions. […]

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So you want to feel more engaged?

Most people don’t feel engaged at work and that’s a problem. It diminishes effort, performance and results. Only 30% of people are engaged with their work. So 70% aren’t. It’s […]

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Help colleagues to motivate themselves

Someone else’s motivation is primarily their responsibility. But if you work with others you can impact their motivation – and vice-versa. Here’s some tips on how you can help colleagues […]

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Take charge of your motivation

In 12 simple steps you’ll find out how take charge of your motivation by building helpful habits.

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How to feel in control in a changing world

Learn how you can feel in control by reading through our tips in the following infographic.

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What colour is your diary?

Elite athletes perform in a challenging arena – one often characterised by intense pressure, tough competition, demanding managers, multiple priorities, and high costs of failure. Performers in business share all […]

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How good are you at not demotivating?

Are you great at not demotivating? In this fix we would like you to check in with your mindset when it comes to motivation.

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Who's more motivated the Olympic athlete or the Olympic coach?

Neither… The athlete wants to be the best (and therefore most successful) athlete they can be and the coach wants to be the best (and therefore most successful) coach they […]

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Stop demotivating your people

Motivating people is a waste of time and space. Instead, help everyone remember why they’re doing what they’re doing, why they should be confident and to focus on the things […]

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