Keeping motivated through tough times

Does your motivation get hit when things are tough? When conditions are challenging, changing or you’re feeling overloaded, does your motivation dip? If so, you’re not alone. The good news is that keeping focused, motivated and performing during challenging times is within your grasp.

Follow this training plan and in just 12 weeks you’ll be on the path to keeping motivated through thick and thin.

Time to prepare: 30 minutes
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How it works

It’s great that you’re thinking about starting a Training Plan. Here’s how it all works.

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Get going

This training plan is all about keeping motivated in tough times.

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Step 1

Your focus area for weeks 1 and 2 is making sure that you really know what motivates you.

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Step 2

Your focus area for weeks 3 and 4 is to take control of your time by prioritising what’s really important.

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Step 3

Your focus area for weeks 5 and 6 is to make sure that you’ve got a great foundation for your energy from what you eat.

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Step 4

Your focus area for weeks 7 and 8 is to connect brilliantly with those around you.

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Step 5

Your focus area for weeks 9 and 10 is to think about how you use the shifts between work and home to help keep your energy in a great place.

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Step 6

You’ve worked your way through the 5 key focus areas and are nearing the end of the training plan. For the last two weeks of it, you’ll now be putting everything together.

Your next steps

So now you’ve had a chance to practise each part of your plan and then bring it all together, how do you feel it’s gone?