Effective goal setting

We’ve been very privileged to work with some really successful teams in sport. We’ve worked with them in the most pressurised of sporting environments at world championships and Olympic Games. […]

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Talent Development and Firing Yourself

The typical approach we see to talent development in the business world makes our hearts sink just a little We know it’s all done with the best of intent but […]

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Feedback is a gift

When we ask people in the business world to define performance, we typically get bombarded with the following: KPI’s, goals, results, financials, share value, delivering to target. When we ask […]

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Building a talent development programme

Do you have a talent development programme in your business? Does it include everyone in the business? If the answer to both those questions is not a resounding YES, then […]

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Desire to Improve

You’re probably familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare – the hare all lightning acceleration and speed but running out of steam, the tortoise slow to start, […]

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10 habits of elite performers

Elite performers are different. They think and act in unique ways and they practise high impact habits with passion and discipline. If you’re serious & curious about finding out how good you can be […]

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A day in the life of a bomb disposal expert

Lloyd Davies is a bomb disposal expert and we had the privilege of interviewing him at our recent PerformanceFest Lounge event. Here’s a taster from the full interview about what a typical day […]

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Stopping the air with Danny Sapani

Danny Sapani is a talented actor and we had the privilege of interviewing him at our recent PerformanceFest Lounge event. Here’s a taster… The full interview is available for Pro and Group […]

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Simplicity - the ultimate sophistication

We’ve been working on our values lately – the things that as a team, guide our decisions, get us up and ready to go on a wet Wednesday morning, that […]

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What's your excuse?

I used to know a decorator called Louis. Louis was always late and he had the biggest book of excuses in the world to explain why. Some were plausible, some […]

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Rule #1

It never gets easier, you just perform better.

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Rule #2

Love the one you're with.

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