The 100% mentality

The 100% mentality is the ability to be superb at getting 100% out of whatever readiness you have going into any key performance moment, and it’s a key differentiator that’s present in high performance cultures.

Rather than being superb at moaning about not being 100% ready, or having 100% the best equipment possible, or not having 100% perfect conditions, all high performance cultures choose a different way of thinking and engaging with their chosen field of play.

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So what's it all about then?

If you wake up feeling 7 out of 10 ready to do everything you need to, the 100% Mentality instantly helps you start thinking, “How good can I be at making this a 7 out of 7 day?” Everyone in a high performance culture knows that using up 100% out of everything that’s available to help performance is an essential skill, so their mindset quickly moves to a helpful place that is going to create a really strong foundation for personal performance. It’s not always easy to make the shift, but the ongoing performance benefits are worth the effort.

While the high performance culture dwellers are striving to get 100% out of the 7 bits of readiness available to them, there will be lots of other performers working for the competition who are perhaps bemoaning the fact that their equipment isn’t good enough and thinking “how can I possibly be competitive with equipment that only ranks 8 out of 10 on cutting edgeness?” Even though they may actually be in a better position to perform and win, their outlook leaves them at a disadvantage and the inability to take personal responsibility for making the most of any situation reduces performance potential. If this is a regular response, the aggregation of marginal losses are significant – and ultimately, these losses were a choice.

The best thing about the 100% Mentality within the high performance culture, is that eventually, the high performance choices being made lead to the majority of people feeling 9/10 or 10/10 ready a great deal of the time. It’s just a function of striving to fulfil potential and maintaining a desire to set new standards. When you know you’re going to get 100% out of this level of readiness more often that not, that’s when success becomes much more within your control and the true benefit of having a 100% Mentality is realised.

It’s a simple concept, but one that has a great deal of potential.

What is the 100% mentality?

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