Getting ready for your new role

Have you secured a new role in your current business? Is your role changing? Are you moving to a position in a different organisation?

Whatever your situation confident transitions into new roles really matter. Hitting the ground running and delivering impact early are vital for confidence and success.

Reading time: 2 minutes

1. You got the job

Congratulate yourself on landing the new job so now’s a good time to reflect on:

  • why you wanted the move in the first place
  • which strengths of yours you know landed you the job
  • how much time you’ve got to get yourself ready to hit the ground running in the new role

2. Getting ready

In the time you have available before you start the new job, build a plan for how you’re going to create maximum confidence that you’re:

  • Focused on the strengths of yours that you’re going to be leading with and using as you build your new working relationships
  • Focused on your picture of success, both performance and results, in the new role (and you’re ready to share it with new colleagues)
  • Clear about how you want to use the first 90 days in the role to build key relationships so connectedness is a priority from the outset
  • Building your knowledge about the new company you’re joining, from the inside. What are you going to read? Who are you going to talk to? What questions do you want answering about company history, future directions, formal and informal rules of the company?
  • Ready to develop or use a network of people (inside and outside the new business) to be your sources of challenge, support, industry expertise and advice
  • Going to use your ‘newness’ in a helpful way to build relationships, create conversations about change and to ask questions that only a new person can ask
  • Focused on how you will be aiming to use your tried and trusted performance readiness routines in the new surroundings and location

3. The first 90 days

With your plans in place, when you begin the new role, be ready to focus on:

  • Executing your plan so that you’re understanding more and more to build your sense of confidence in your knowledge and sense of control/choice in your new environment, as well as connectedness with your new colleagues
  • Staying focused on the progress you’re making, rather than how far away you are from being fully confident as an expert in your new role
  • Sharing your picture of success and finding out about other people’s pictures of success
  • Resting and recovering effectively so you maintain the energy to keep the building phase as strong as possible
  • Asking for support where you need it

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