Get ready for a new role

Is your role about to change? Are you moving to a position in a different organisation? Have you secured a new role in your current business?

Confident transitions into new roles really matter. Hitting the ground running and delivering impact early are vital for confidence and success.

Follow this training plan and you’ll use your first 12 weeks in your new role really effectively, performing with confidence and conviction.

Time to prepare: 30 minutes
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How it works

It’s great that you’re thinking about starting a Training Plan. Here’s how it all works.

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Get going

This training plan is all about having a clear plan of how to approach the first 12 weeks in a new role.

Week 1-2

Your focus area for weeks 1 and 2 is making sure that you’ve got a really clear plan of attack for your new role – both what to achieve and who to achieve it with.

Week 3-4

Your focus area for weeks 3 and 4 is your expertise for your new role. People regularly tell us the importance of ‘getting up to speed’ in a new role and how this is related to feeling like you know your stuff.

Week 5-6

Your focus area for weeks 5 and 6 is to make sure that you’re not losing sight of the strengths and qualities that allowed you to get the new role in the first place. A few weeks in, this is an important area to check in with.

Week 7-8

Your focus area for weeks 7 and 8 is to continue on the strengths theme and start sharing the love! Building your most important relationships from a position of strength will help to maintain the momentum you’ve created so far.

Week 9-10

Your focus area for weeks 9 and 10 is all about making sure that you’re giving yourself a foundation to keep performing at a really good level and making the most of your talent.

Week 11-12

You’ve worked your way through the 5 key focus areas and are nearing the end of the training plan. For the last two weeks of it, you’ll now be putting everything together.

Your next steps

So now you’ve had a chance to practise each part of your plan and then bring it all together, how do you feel it’s gone?