Choose your response

We’re hearing about lots of new, unplanned for challenges.

Here are some tips on how you could respond to some of the current challenges.

Reading time: 5 minutes



I’m feeling out of the loop and anxious – like I’m missing out on information I would normally pick up in the office

Make it a priority to agree ways to connect with those you need to so you reduce the likelihood of worrying unnecessarily that you’re out of the loop

I’m set up to work from home in the kitchen and there’s food everywhere!


This is a chance to see how good you can get at the basics of healthy self-care. Make a clear meal plan for the day and see how well you can stick to it. Try putting tempting snacks out of sight and healthy alternatives in easy reach

My partner is now working from home like me and we’re taking our stress out on each other


A good chance to test your tolerance and see how helpful you can be to each other. Schedule time together and apart in the day if you can, and have a chat about how you can help each other manage stress together

My team and boss are online early starting work and it’s causing me to feel pressure

An opportunity to choose your response and create new habits, using a mix of personal discipline and agreed ways of working together. Also question the worry, are you creating the pressure yourself? Ask your team mates what their expectations are

I’m getting lots of information and in a different way to normal and feeling a bit overwhelmed

Give yourself time to adapt to the new way of working and check in with your colleagues to find out if they’ve got any tips for how they manage the information. Maybe search out some plugins that help you manage information channels on your own terms 

We don’t know when this will all be over. It’s feeling like a long term thing


Create some new routines around the things that you know will be consistent in the short term. Create time to worry about the future, but make a commitment to seeing how well you can really ‘control the controllables’ until such point that the future is clearer

This is having a whole-of-life impact and I’m having to manage varying needs

As soon as you can, define what success looks like in the new world. Make sure that in that plan you start with being kind to yourself first, and others. It’s a time for collaboration too, so be really open with everyone about how to work together to manage the different needs

I’m feeling my threat levels are being triggered and I feel like I’m in a constant fight or flight response


Threat happens when we feel out of control, low on confidence and needing to get specific outcomes delivered. The most important thing to get in control of first is your mind-body connection. Regular controlled breathing and mindfulness sessions is the first kindness to extend to yourself