How do you compare?

I’ve realised I’m really bored with the whole “stop comparing yourself to other people, compare yourself to yourself” plea.

It’s doing a huge disservice to people who naturally benefit from making comparisons with others and enjoy competition with others as a very meaningful driver. The issue, as with anything, is not using the driver to the full range of its ability.

Reading time: 2 minutes

There’s a much more compelling story of “Get the full benefit of your natural desire to compare yourself with other people”, by making sure you’re adding these comparisons into regular checks:

  1. Am I as good as them at seeking to make personal improvement?
  2. Am I as good as them at giving myself credit for stuff I do well?
  3. Am I as good as them at realising what other people use me as a reference point of high performance for?

I could go on, but having worked within the Olympic environment where both comparison with self AND others are ESSENTIAL skills to develop and manage superbly, it’s time to stop pleading for people to suppress an incredibly powerful and personally meaningful source of motivation.

Compare yourself with others with freedom, pride, huge skill AND duty of self care. Go on. You’ll love it.