Centre of Gravity

I had a great discussion with Matt Barker recently about finding the balance between your primary areas of impact, and understanding how they dynamically change through the year.

We talked about how the “centre of gravity” shifts between the key areas of impact that he saw as fundamental to him being the performer he wants to be in his role.

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Reading time: 3 minutes

Where is your main area of impact needed this week?

We used a triangle as the visual and considered where the centre of gravity needs to sit currently, and how we anticipate it shifting through the year between the three points.

At times of the year, the most important impact could be to develop new business. At other stages it could be providing leadership and support to the team. And in key phases it could be to focus on delivering excellent quality of product output.

So, as you are getting busy organising your approach, consider these 4 questions:

  1. What are my areas of key impact?
  2. Where does your emphasis need to lie currently, and how do you adapt your allocation of effort and energy accordingly now?
  3. How do you anticipate this shifting through the course of the year?
  4. What preparation could you do to make sure your focus will be directed in the right place at the right time?