Business as unusual

I’m privileged to work with so many great leaders and leadership teams and in the conversations I have had recently I want to share these common themes.

What would you add?

Reading time: 2 minutes

Here are 3 common themes…

  1. The HUMAN part in the human performance equation is more relevant than ever. Performance compassion is a concept we’re exploring a lot – perhaps not using those exact words with the teams we’re working with, but it’s a foundation that underpins the work.
  2. It’s precious to have time to connect again, in person, off a screen, as people. To share, to talk about the future, to work out how to make things work from here.
  3. Creating the new world of work is happening, no-one has all the answers, and we’re going to need to keep the conversations going in order to figure out how to make that work to best effect for the individual, teams and the organisation. In order to work, it’s going to need some willingness to compromise.

This all adds up to a once in a generation opportunity to have a structural and cultural reset and we need to take this seriously if we’re going to make the most of the opportunity.

In other words, Business as Unusual continues.