Control the Controllables – Daily Challenge

Now is a really good time to focus on the things you can control and to reduce the amount of time you find yourself thinking and talking about things you’re not in control of.

Here’s a daily competition to have with yourself in the battle of Do’s vs Don’ts.

Reading time: 2 minutes

Aim to score as many points as you can through the day by doing these things.

  • Positive self-care habits – good eating, regular hydration, exercise and quality rest/sleep
  • Give yourself specific times when you can check news/social media to get updates
  • Respond not React – choose your response to the conditions you’re facing rather than simply reacting based on what other people tell you
  • Keep asking yourself “Is my thinking helping me right now?” so you have the chance to practice managing your thoughts and attitudes regularly
  • Get regular updates about what’s going on at work from the people you trust and who are responsible for supporting you and your colleagues
  • Do something really practical and helpful that just makes life a little easier and more enjoyable for you and/or a colleague
  • Take the opportunity to use newly available time to learn something new or prioritise activities that usually get moved down the to-do list

Aim to reduce the number of times these things happen, but be accepting of yourself when they do.

  • Checking your social media or the news outside times that are your allowed times
  • Let unhelpful thoughts hang around and build up so they become a distraction for you
  • Keep asking for clarification about how things are going to work out when it’s clear no one can give you an immediate/definitive answer
  • Judge yourself harshly for not doing something at exactly the same speed or level of skill you’d expect of yourself in normal conditions
  • Allow your thoughts to get carried away with negative scenarios that might not happen
  • Join a pity party where you spend loads of time talking with a lot of other people about stuff that makes you all feel worse!
  • Worry about anything using it as an opportunity to take some action – finances are a good example