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Responding as an organisation in challenging times

In challenging times there’s huge value in facing things collectively. This is particularly true if you can respond, as one with the core ingredients of a Challenge Mindset to the […]

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Create readiness to perform when working from home

How can you continue making progress even when you are not able to work in the normal way?  How do you stay productive? How do you stay connected if you […]

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Working from home

If you’re working from home for the first time or for longer periods than usual then it’s even more important to be able to stay connected to colleagues, connected to […]

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10 ways to build a performance habit

We hear a lot about high performance habits, but less about how to build them. Here’s our top tips…

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Olympians are different

Olympic analogies are commonplace. In Olympic year they’re everywhere. The reality is that the contrast between the extraordinary and the ordinary are often pretty clear.

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The Olympic mindset - what's in it for you?

The Olympics is a four year pinnacle of performance excellence. It takes a massive effort and requires enormous motivation just to get there. Are you and your organisation ready to […]

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Why most people will never have an Olympic attitude at work

At the time of writing it’s February 2020 and we’re around six months out from the Tokyo Olympics. We should expect a flood of articles on how to get inspired […]

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Olympic, or Fools Gold – Beware the Olympic analogy bandwagon

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.” – Pierre de Coubertin, father […]

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What is mental readiness?

Knowing what you need to think and getting good at thinking it – is a pretty simple definition of mental readiness for preparing and performing and depending on who you’re […]

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What is physical performance readiness?

Think about what happens at a time when you’re tired and hungry. It’s difficult to concentrate. You’re more likely to be irritable with other people. Interruptions can cause excessive frustration. […]

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What is contextual readiness?

Contextual readiness is all about knowing and then managing the performance environment. There are physical influences in the performance environment that determine your current level of contextual readiness. Clearly there […]

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Performance Pie Management

Roger Federer – The Ultimate Performance Readiness Champion It’s no surprise that Roger Federer is still going strong in his tennis career. He’s been an expert in managing his Performance […]

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