Performance & Motivation

This programme is made up of 12 parts that we’ll build on and piece together so that you get a great recipe and understanding of everything to do with performance.

We’ll build in some critical information about motivation, the drive to keep performance going.

As you work through each part it’ll give you an opportunity to understand and assess how you’re doing already and how effectively you’re using some of the ingredients. It’ll also give you the chance to start applying and using the principles with increasing confidence.

Each video is around 10 minutes long and we recommend you work through the programme in one week sprints ‘til you get to the finish line.

This fully online performance and motivation programme is exclusively available to Group Members.

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Time to prepare: 10 minutes
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Week 1

It’s all about Performance. This element will tune you into the difference between performance and results. We’ll start to introduce the concept of performance readiness as a critical factor to […]

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Week 2

Performance and Success. In this part we want to give you a bit of perspective around how to use the difference between performance and results and how that links to […]

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Week 3

Performance Readiness. This part is all about making sure that you understand performance readiness in your conditions so you’re more likely to be successful more consistently.

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Week 4

Technical & Tactical Readiness. What we are going to do now is start to really focus in on building your readiness and building your performance pie so that you know […]

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Week 5

Physical and Mental Readiness. This week we’re taking aim on the body and mind. The relationship between the two and taking care of both as a unit brings a lot […]

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Week 6

Emotional and Contextual Readiness. In this part we’ll focus on the last two ingredients of the performance pie, emotional readiness and contextual readiness. Emotional is about our relationships with other […]

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Week 7

Every Day Readiness – using the pie in daily conversations. Welcome to the next part of your journey into really understanding and using the power of performance and performance readiness […]

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Week 8

Motivation – the fuel of every day performance. Now that you’ve got your performance plan in place it’s time to dive into Motivation. In a high performance environment it’s really […]

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Week 9

Get in control. The power of choice. In this session choice and your sense of control is the focus and we’ll share a simple exercise so you how see how well […]

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Week 10

Build your confidence. From a performance perspective, confidence is a critical ingredient. You have to work on you confidence to keep it in good health and that’s not something you […]

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Week 11

Stay connected. In this session we’ll focus on the final ingredient of the 3C’s of the motivation component to add to the performance readiness approach. Feeling connected is so valuable, […]

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Week 12

4 questions to harness the power of Performance and Motivation. This final session consists of a very powerful set of questions, but only powerful if they’re applied regularly. Having put […]