Playing from the Heart

It’s time to change the way we play the game. To redefine how people engage with work, effort, ambition and performance.

To play from the heart takes love and bravery, challenge and care, ambition and perspective.

When there is no finish line, we owe it to ourselves to perform with meaning, to ensure we’re fit for purpose.

This unique 10 week long programme, will re-programme your thinking. It is fully online and supported by the power of The Performance Room.

There are weekly challenges, self analysis and development, expert virtual coaching and a global community of supporters changing the way they play along with you.

This is an opportunity to reconstruct and find the power to play with heart.

This fully online performance programme is exclusively available to Group Members.

Interested in a Group Membership? Get in touch.

Time to prepare: 30 minutes
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How it works

It’s time to change the way you play the game. To play from the heart takes love and bravery, challenge and care, ambition and perspective. When there is no finish […]

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Get going

Each week you’ll spend 30-45 minutes working through the concept for the week, which will leave you with some activities to carry out and a BIG QUESTION to answer.

Week 1

Effort levels when there is no finish line – how hard are you working? To get into the mindset for your first week, as you prepare to Play from the […]

Week 2

How to self-monitor with the power of ‘noticing’. The build of the first 3 sessions is very much focused on your relationship with yourself. If we focus the early work […]

Week 3

Creating a Psychologically Safe relationship with yourself – the foundation of Performance Compassion. This week there’ll be some further exploration of your personality and how your relationship is set up […]

Week 4

If you fear failure, you’ll never win. This week you’ll be reclaiming your relationship with Success and Failure and building a unique success profile.

Week 5

The powerful simplicity of the ‘What it takes to win’ approach to Performance. This week you’ll begin to build your ‘What it takes to win’ Profile.

Week 6

This weeks focus is on Creating the Confidence to approach work with a mindset of efficiency and effectiveness – the no finish line essential. Get ready to tune in to […]

Week 7

We’re not on a road to nowhere. This week the focus is on plotting your route ahead with total performance in mind. We’re shifting focus in this session onto some […]

Week 8

Understanding the power of ‘Just for today’ for you. The focus this week is on being contextually ready by getting your work environment right. You’ll be choosing your attitude towards […]

Week 9

Time to Play from the heart – effort, success and expectant noticing. Starting the practice of Playing from the Heart, a chance to put a final piece into the daily […]

Week 10

This is the last week of PFTH, you’re now in a position to be fully using the toolkit and finding out the value you can get from custom fitting it, […]