2018 – Time to get serious about your performance

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Are you ready to do a great 2018?

As our attention turns to the start of another year, some of us will take the chance to set new goals and challenges, make a fresh start and approach things differently.

And while the year usually starts full of hope, by the end of February,  resolutions are abandoned, intentions a distant memory, and we’ve slipped back into survival mode in a busy, challenging and demanding world.

The reality is that if you want 2018 to be different, you need to do more than just set new goals and intentions. You need to change the way you think and approach your performance.

Ready to start fulfilling your potential?

If you – and your business – are serious about making 2018 your best yet, then join us at a session in early 2018 where we’ll help you get ready to do that.

We’re the people who’ve supported Olympic medalists to success and helped leading Australian and global businesses (e.g. AMP, Holden, Adidas) transform their approach to performance. We’re on a mission to help you think, prepare and perform like an elite athlete so you’re all set to start fulfilling your potential in the year ahead.

We’re ready. Are you?

Join us at a one day Masterclass or at a high impact 1 hour evening session (or better still, come to both). With sessions in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney on a range of dates in February 2018, it’s the perfect start to your year.

2018 Evening sessions

High impact evening sessions in Sydney and Melbourne. Led by Dr Katherine Bond, a highly experienced sport psychologist who’s been to 5 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as worked with leading global businesses to help them transform their performance, here’s what you’ll get:

  • An insight into how world class performers approach their performance
  • A chance to reflect on a great summer of Australian sport – and what we can learn for our own performance
  • Practical ideas and tools to apply to your performance – so you’re ready to do a superb 2018
  • Glass of wine – warm welcome – networking!

For just $30, it’s a seriously good investment.

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2018 Masterclasses

A one day, transformational athleteatwork® Masterclass in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. Led by Dr Katherine Bond, world class sport psychologist who’s been to 5 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as worked with leading global businesses, you’ll:

  • Hear about what make Olympians and other world class performers so good at what they do
  • Learn how they control their emotions and mindset, manage their energy, prepare for success and exploit all of their talent.
  • Supported by our coaching team, we’ll help you apply these principles to your world – at work, home and play.
  • Learn how to be in control of your performance and motivation and ready to start fulfilling your potential.
  • Access to The Performance Room for 3 months – our superb on line resource of expertise, tools and materials.

Normally $599 for this full day session, we’re giving away spaces on this series of Masterclasses for $299. And if you book before the end of 2017, you’ll get our early bird special of just $199.

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Whatever session you choose, we’ll help you get performance ready to have a great 2018. Change your thinking and approach to your performance forever, so that you and your business can start truly fulfilling your potential.

You will. Be ready.

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