When talking about “Connectedness” and quality of relationships, I often talk about the fact that we’re all the common denominators in our dysfunctional relationships!

I also point out we’re the common denominator in our most functional relationships too.

Reading time: 2 minutes

As you begin your day, it’s worth scanning through your diary and thinking about who you’re going to be working with that you anticipate will be enjoyable and easy.

Work out what it is about you at your best in these relationships that means your attitude is already helpful.

Consider these personal qualities that are being highlighted and then have a think about how you can lead with the same qualities in any interactions you’ve got this week with people who you find it less easy to work easily with.

Be curious about how well you can bring your most helpful qualities to life in a situation where it’s not as easy for you to access them.

Enjoy the challenge and as always, focus on getting ready to perform in all of those different interactions.

If you focus on the performance, then more often than not, the results take care of themselves.