Athlete at Work® – Get Going

This transformational Athlete at Work® programme is an opportunity for you to develop game changing performance for yourself and the industry you work in. You will learn how to optimise your talent so you can perform at your best – more consistently. Athlete at Work® will enable you to achieve more all whilst drawing more meaning from your work.

Athlete at Work® lasts 12 weeks and we’ll take you on a coaching pathway that’ll bring the core performance principles of this programme to life.

I’m ready to get going

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Getting started

If you’re serious about being the best performer you can be at work, whatever the conditions then the athlete at work® programme is for you.

The programme is 12 weeks long and each week you’ll spend 30-45 minutes working through the performance principle of the week. Managing performance training will be simple, as in the week that follows you’ll take that knowledge and apply it to the reality of your day-to-day work and life.

You’ll be paying close attention to some of your attitudes and actions throughout the programme, and this will form a really important part of your learning. So be ready to get familiar with a daily ritual of intention setting and reflecting (which will take just a short time each day).

The first couple of weeks will establish robust foundations, the middle part of the programme will help you make some upgrades in your approach to performance and in the final few weeks we’ll shift our focus onto motivation, to sustain your performance and improvement once the 12 weeks are over.

The goal behind Athlete at Work® is to provide you with long lasting tools and techniques. By managing your performance training now, you will make a positive impact which will be felt for the rest your career.

The 12 building blocks

  1. Outlining the programme and tuning into Performance in your organisation
  2. The power of conditions – understanding your field of play and establishing your attitude towards it
  3. Performance Readiness – 6 essential ingredients to know and take care of
  4. Using Performance Readiness to take control of your world
  5. The Performance Readiness view on Technical and Tactical Ingredients
  6. Physical Readiness – taking care of your energy
  7. Mental and Emotional Readiness – Supporting yourself and being supported by others
  8. Contextually Ready – making the most of your working environment
  9. Understanding the power of Motivation – and taking on the Control Challenge
  10. The Confidence Challenge
  11. The Connectedness Challenge
  12. Four questions to keep asking to link everything together

The Action

  • Researching how performance works for you
  • Building a clear picture of your work conditions
  • Doing an audit of your Performance Readiness
  • Road testing simple Performance Readiness habits
  • Staying relevant in these 2 key areas
  • Determining your ideal energy plan
  • Understanding your needs in these two areas
  • Choosing your attitude towards your environment
  • A week of control recalibration
  • Confidence building habits in action
  • Being the strong link in the chain activity
  • Using the questions to drive actions

The Format

12 pre-recorded sessions. We recommend that for managing your performance training you schedule each session for the same time each week over 12 weeks with homework, reflection and application in between.

Fully supported by the power of The Performance Room and experts on hand to provide any help or guidance using ‘Ask an Expert’.

Are you ready?

The difference between having a plan and making it work is about action.

So get this programme in your diary now. Tell the people who need to know so that they can support you. In fact, encourage them to get on the start line too so you can share learning, answer questions and support each other to make the most of the programme. Do it now.

I’d like to get going asap

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