How it works

It’s great that you’re thinking about starting a Training Plan. Here’s how it all works.

Training plans are structured programmes designed to help you get better at what matters to you.

Your plan lasts 12 weeks and is broken down into 2-week sprints where you work on different skills before you bring them all together.


Reading time: 4 minutes

You’ll be guided every step of the way, just like having your own coach. We’ve even completed examples for you so you can see how it works and get some great ideas before creating your own plan using blank forms that you can download.

As you go through the plan, you’ll build momentum and see improvements as you go. The further you go and more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out. Annoying but true.

What’s involved

It’ll take 30 minutes to get started and then 30-40 minutes at the start of every 2 week sprint to create that bit of the plan. You’ll then follow your plan for those 2 weeks before moving onto the next sprint.

Start by reading the Get going guide to the plan. That’ll help you decide if that plan is for you, what’s involved and how to get the most out of it.

You’ll then start working through 5 different focus areas, spending 2 weeks concentrating on each one. For each you’ll:

  • find out what to do and why
  • learn from examples provided
  • make your own plan using simple to follow downloadable forms
  • work the plan for the next 2 weeks

When you’ve worked through all 5 areas, you’ll spend the last 2 weeks practicing all 5 things together. You’ll then capture what you’ve learned and decide on what you’re going to do next. You might want to carry on with this plan or choose another one.

Ready to get going and find out how good you can be?