Your next steps

So now you’ve had a chance to practise each part of your plan and then bring it all together, how do you feel it’s gone?

Think about where you started from, review your progress and know where you’re going next.

Reading time: 2 minutes

What progress have you made?

Made progress but feels fragile

That’s a good start and gives you something to build on. Revisit the bits of the plan that will make it feel more solid while maintaining the bits that had the most impact. Ditch the bits that didn’t work for you.

Made progress, feel confident, just need to practice more

Well done. Here’s how to be great at practice:

  • Put it in your diary
  • Know what difference you want your practice to make
  • Go and practice it
  • Get a support team in place to help you make sure you do the practice
  • Review what difference your practice made so you can get even better next time

I’ve cracked it

That’s great.

  • Continue to review regularly so you don’t get complacent
  • Get feedback from others on how well they think you’re performing here
  • Keep your regular routine in place – it’s what got you there
  • Chat to people who are even better than you at this and find out how they do it
  • Volunteer for opportunities to practice that are outside your new comfort zone

Hasn’t made a blind bit of difference

We’re sorry. That’s really annoying. For both of us.

  • Maybe it’s just going to take a bit longer for you. Keep going.
  • Get some feedback to check you’re right. You might be doing better than you think.
  • Find a performance friend who wants to work on the same stuff, team up and learn from each other
  • Get some more intensive coaching
  • Ask us