Who are PlanetK2’s Team LifeReady?

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AIDS Lifecycle 2018 – a complete human performance event.

David, Dan, Dock, Aaron – a.k.a. Team LifeReady – talk to us. Get to know who they are and what they do for day jobs.

The team are training hard and getting mentally ready for the AIDS Lifecycle 2018 event – 545 miles, cycling from San Francisco to LA.

They will be ready!

Aaron, Dan, David and Dock, PlanetK2’s Team LifeReady, are based in San Francisco.

The team will be cycling 545 miles, from San Francisco to LA, through some of California’s beautiful countryside, fundraising for AIDS/HIV related services, research and awareness, still critical to many parts of our society.

The event is a complete human performance challenge, for each individual as well as the team as a whole. At PlanetK2, we love these.

What are you working on?

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If you’re inspired to start following the journey and support the fundraising efforts of the LifeReady team: