How to get from knowledge flood to action hero – JFDI!

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Managing the flood…

It was an easy mistake to make, I guess. My attention was all over the place. My head was full of ideas, thoughts, lists, excitements, challenges and a dog barking next to me that was desperate to be fed….

So why then, did I keep on pouring the water into the glass even though the glass was overflowing and I was clearly creating a small pond in my kitchen? I didn’t even spot it. My eyes, my mind were both firmly focussed elsewhere…until I felt water trickling onto my foot….what? Incontinence? Phew, no…!

Performancefest 2016

The very first ever PlanetK2 PerformanceFest rocked out loud last week. Despite us feeling the occasional vibrations from the trains overhead, I am confident that the Waterloo passengers above us were equally rocked by the underground orgy of talent and learning that was happening in The Vaults below.

It was an astonishing day. 200 humdingers, uniting to learn and hone your craft. Each of you wanting to ramp up your own personal mastery. Over 8hrs, you played, laughed, explored, drummed, sang, drew, chilled, reflected, connected, immersed, coded, acted, listened, stretched, choreographed and ultimately, raised your own game…by at least one degree.

Overflow into action hero

Yet, I think we have a big problem to tackle. With so much learning and knowledge on offer, we have created a state of overflow. Amazon has over 57,000 books on Leadership. Surely they don’t all say different things?!  People are oozing knowledge, thinking and ideas out of every orifice. There is so much on offer, many folks have become paralysed with overwhelming amounts of knowledge and the massive gap between knowing and action has grown even wider.

So, what can YOU do to bridge the gap? How can you ease yourself from your state of knowing into your state of doing?

Here are 3 key building blocks you can use to begin moving yourself into being an action hero!

  1. Size DOES matter

    Despite what you may have heard, size is important but bigger isn’t always better. Small can win. Your hunger might be pushing you to do EVERYTHING, right now

    If you don’t do all these things today, you’ll lose momentum!’

    Sadly, this approach leaves many doing naff all with their knowledge. It’s not binary, it’s not a case of do everything or do nothing. Just take small steps. Remember how a one degree tweak to the train tracks produced a significant ripple down the line? Commit to the smallest action that will take you towards your outcome. Make it precise. Make it focussed. Just fecking do it.

  2. Make it BIGGER

    Ok ok, I hear you. Small? Big? You’re confused! Make the action small enough, right? Good. And make your WHY, massive! If your WHY isn’t big enough, you will do nothing. Your WHY is your purpose. Yes, learn learn learn….and what for? What are you wanting to do with it? How is it going to improve your life, your dogs life and every other life on the planet?

    I don’t believe you went to Performance Fest because you had nothing else to do…did you?! You went so that you could be the most kick arse version of yourself. That won’t happen by just ‘thinking it’. It will happen because you want it enough and because you take the right action to make it real. Know. Your. WHY.

  3. Buddy up

    This is not the same as Giddy up. That’s to do with horses. Get a buddy on board as someone that will hold you to account. I have numerous people around me that kick me up the backside as and when required. In most instances, that is because I ask them to hold me accountable. I put my commitment out there and I personally need someone that will hold the mirror up and ask me if I did that thing;

    ‘You said you were going to develop a new online programme this week and that you’d have it completed by Friday…have you?

    If yes, hurrah, if no, how come? What got in your way? What demons came and robbed you of doing that?Keeping your upgrades quiet in your own head is a great strategy, if you want to do absolutely nothing. If, on the other hand, you are interested in making stuff happen, go out and tell people what you intend to do. Ask for the support and challenge that you need. It’s hard to create the wriggle room this way. Of course, if you want to create some wriggle room, go back to step 2 and make your WHY bigger!

It pains me to see businesses spend so much money on development interventions and then put nothing into the knowledge > action arena, where most people fall over. I won’t let clients get away with it. Attending or creating the most awesome event or training day is the easy bit. Then translating it into action that means the individual, team and business is better than it was before…that’s the place to focus.

Back to YOU

I know that many of you will have been overflowing as a result of Performance Fest and the rich learning it presented you with. Now, what action and upgrades are you putting into play? What nugget of learning will be the one that makes the biggest difference to you?

Make it happen. Make it count. JFDI.

Over and out…

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