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The benefits of yoga

9 reasons why yoga is great to have as part of your exercise habit.

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Get the most out of a training day

Try these 10 tips to make sure you’re fully prepared and ready to get the most out of a training day.

Posted in: Infographicsthe basics

Asking for feedback

Here’s some specific questions you can ask instead of “Can you give me some feedback?”

Posted in: InfographicsReviewing

The Triangle of Confidence

The dynamic of confidence within teams is a simple and powerful mix of 3 key things. This makes up the Triangle of Confidence that you’re all responsible for making as […]

Posted in: InfographicsConfidenceTeams

Do you think like a coach?

Use this infographic to help you to start thinking like a coach and it’ll help you support the people you lead, every day.

Posted in: InfographicsCoachingLeadership

6 tips to reflect & learn

Before you dive head long into New Year resolutions, spend a bit of time taking the lessons learned from the previous year so you can build from a really strong […]

Posted in: InfographicsReviewingthe basics

Getting ready for your first job

Here’s our top tips and essential winning ingredients to help you get ready for your first job.

Posted in: Infographicsthe basics

Mindfulness at work

Here’s 8 simple top tips for being more mindful and improving performance while you’re at work.

Posted in: InfographicsMental Healththe basics

Pause for Performance

Here are some simple things you can do every day to consciously pause to nurture and enhance your overall performance.

Posted in: InfographicsMental HealthPerformance

High performance winning habits

Here’s some simple things you can do during the day to develop high performance winning habits.

Posted in: InfographicsRitualsthe basics

Think like an athlete to improve performance

Here are our top tips on how you can improve your sales performance by thinking like an athlete.

Posted in: Infographicsthe basics

Phrases you'd never hear an Olympian use

Here’s some phrases you’d never hear an Olympian or high performer use. They know that they are not the finished article and are always looking for how they can improve […]

Posted in: InfographicsPerformancethe basics