Goal reviewing

In this video Helen Glover MBE talks to us about how she would go about setting goals/targets and the process of reviewing these goals.

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Brilliance not busyness

Listening to Oliver Burkman’s excellent recent radio series on busyness got us thinking about how it relates to high performance. We already talk about managing your performance energy not your time. Now we’re thinking about managing your mindset towards your tasks and managing your ego too!

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Setting goals to maximise team potential

We’ve been very privileged to work with some really successful teams in sport. We’ve worked with them in the most pressurised of sporting environments at world championships and Olympic Games. […]

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Rule #16

Sticks are for dogs to chase.

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Rule #18

Indicators are not targets.

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Motivation and the 3 key ingredients

In episode 4 we speak to our human performance expert Dr Chris Shambrook about Motivation. The podcast covers a range of areas including how to develop a helpful motivational climate, […]

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Goal reviewing

In this performance fix we would like you to reconsider your approach to goal setting.

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How to stay on track with your goals

This fix is all about helping you stay on track with any goals you set for yourself or any behaviour that you are trying to change over time.

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Colleagues at work
How high performing teams use goals

Having and using effective goals is essential to ensure you’re set up for success in your work – and in life. Apply the principles from the infographic below to help you […]

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10 ways goals can help improve your performance

The world’s best make sure they are using goals in a powerful way that helps them to keep delivering great performances day after day. Have a read of our infographic […]

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6 reasons why you're not getting value from your goals

Most people don’t set goals regularly and don’t value goals as a workplace tool. Here are 6 simple tips to help improve your goal setting process.

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5 ways to get goals working better for you

Goals are an essential tool to help motivate, focus effort and keep connected to others. They’re the key to performing, improving and succeeding. Apply the principles in the infographic below […]

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