Performance Conversations - Lloyd Davies

Lloyd Davies is a bomb disposal expert and Dr Chris Shambrook had the privilege of interviewing him at a PerformanceFest Lounge event. Enjoy and be inspired by this fascinating interview. […]

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Fear of failure

6 reasons why your fear of failure could be a good thing and can boost your performance.

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Looking after your mental health in times of uncertainty

During times of uncertainty you’re likely to be in a period where the amount of worry you experience is going to be higher. When things don’t go as planned and […]

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Working from home with Performance & Motivation in mind

When the conditions change and we move from the normal working environments and if we're forced to work from home, there's no reason why it should have an adverse effect on our performance and productivity.

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Look after your body from the physical symptoms of stress

Given we all experience upheaval in our lives it seems fair to assume that many people will experience some kind of trauma that will have an effect on them. This […]

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