The Rules(21)

You can choose to respect, uphold, share, nurture and protect the rules and become part of a small band of people who choose to pursue excellence in performance.

The alternative is to pursue mediocrity. As ever, performance is a choice.

Rule #1

It never gets easier, you just perform better.

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Rule #2

Love the one you're with.

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Rule #3

There is a correct answer.

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Rule #4

Be boring.

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Rule #5

Talent is overrated, hard work isn't.

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Rule #6

You're on a talent development programme.

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Rule #7

Don't motivate people.

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Rule #8

It may not be your fault though you are responsible.

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Rule #9

If you have the word leader in your title then you're doubly responsible.

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Rule #10

If you're going have a party food food at your meetings, then invite Coco the clown.

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Rule #11

HR's job is to lead on making people perform better, not be happier.

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Rule #12

Being obsessed with measuring everything is a waste of time.

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