Rule #19

Be a boy scout.

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Rule #20

Your job is to uphold the rules or fire yourself.

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Rule #21


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It's historic!

Those on a journey to be the best they can be, and to become consistently high level performers in whatever they do, consistently challenge existing practices, methodologies and thinking. We […]

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The meaning of performance

Results matter. Of course they do, that’s why organisations and people obsess over them. But the best also obsess over performance (doing the things you need to do to get […]

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What's the difference between the explorer and examiner mindset?

Find out the difference between explorer and examiner mindset with our latest performance fix and see what value each mindset can deliver for you.

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The positive benefits of 'stupid' mode

We’ve spoken with lots of people we’ve coached over the last 20 years about the benefits that they’d have if sometimes they could just switch their brain to ‘stupid’ mode.

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work life balance
How to achieve an effective work-life balance

Has anyone ever actually achieved work-life balance? We think not many of you, so here’s something more helpful.

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The Performance Fix 05
How to run a high performance meeting

This fix is all about high performance meetings. Take 60 seconds to learn about the 3 key phases needed for great meetings.

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The Performance Fix 04
How to take control of your day

Learn how to take control of your day by watching our 60 second performance fix.

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Strengths fix
How to lead with your strengths

Watch our 60 second performance fix to learn how to lead effectively with your strengths.

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How to identify your core strengths

Want to know how to identify your core strengths? Take 60 seconds and listen to our latest performance fix.

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