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Attitudes of the elite

Want to know what more about what makes the elite so good? Watch this short but beautifully formed video for everything you need to know about how elite performers think […]

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Want to know what performance really means? Watch this short but beautifully formed video for everything you need to know about how to think about and approach your performance with […]

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Be ready now!

Being and feeling ready to perform is the key to good performance and delivering the results you want. Readiness is not always about having loads of time to prepare – although that helps.

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Your readiness recipe

How many of us feel ready to do a good day at work? Or nail it at the crucial moment? 80% of people we work with tell us that most of the time they don’t feel ready, despite what they do to prepare.

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Be ready like an Olympian

One of the standout things about Olympic athletes is just how ready they are when it matters most. Aside from a few notable examples, they seem to deliver great performances in competition and in particular at the biggest event of all, the Olympics.

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Feel ready to perform

It’s one thing having ability and potential but quite another to use it in the right way. Consistently good performers are always ready to use their resource to perform.

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The keep-doing list…

People all over the world are incredibly busy. Their working hours are getting longer. Even with more time being spent working, to-do lists never come to an end.

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Manage performance and energy, not time

Shift your approach to time management. Stop obsessing about to-do lists and start building a platform for sustained success. Put this building block in place before you revisit anything to do with time management.

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work smarter
Manage your performance, not your time

Millions of pounds have been invested in time management courses. Yet there’s still millions of people feeling overwhelmed at work and that they don’t have enough time to get everything done that needs doing.

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Stop managing time and start managing performance

Every day, see how good you can become at focusing on what is right now. Some days are easier than others but every day you get the chance to get […]

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Be ready for a demanding day every day

Some people just seem to deliver great performances, whatever the conditions. They do that by practicing habits & routines so whenever performance calls, they’re ready.

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Improve your consistency at work

If you want to perform consistently well in an inconsistent, demanding or unpredictable world then you need to make sure you are brilliantly prepared and superbly ready. This tool will […]

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