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Combating burnout

During these challenging times many people are showing some of the unacceptable signs of fatigue and moving towards burnout. So to help us become more self aware of the things […]

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How do you compare?

I’ve realised I’m really bored with the whole “stop comparing yourself to other people, compare yourself to yourself” plea. It’s doing a huge disservice to people who naturally benefit from […]

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Self compassion during times of stress

There are times when we are highly aware that we are experiencing some kind of trauma or external stress that is impacting our health and wellbeing. This performance fix offers […]

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High Performance Survival with Stuart Sandeman

The simple power of breath for better health & performance. In this episode Chris and Stuart, founder of Breathpod talk about using breathing as a tool to make positive transformation. […]

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Stress and how to look after your body

Given the upheaval in our lives in recent weeks it seem fair to assume that many people are experiencing some kind of trauma that will be having an effect on […]

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High Performance Survival with Danielle North

As we’re forced to do things a little differently in our lives right now, is it time to think a little differently? Chris Shambrook and Danielle North, CEO Pause Global […]

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Helpful thinking to combat worry and uncertainty

In this podcast Adam Morris talks to performance experts Chris Shambrook & Jim Constable to get their expertise and tips on what people can do to try and combat the […]

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10 things you might be doing now that will increase your anxiety

In uncertain times, we naturally end up doing some things that might increase our sense of worry and anxiety. The first step to reducing the negative impact they’re having is […]

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Looking after your mental health in times of uncertainty

During times of uncertainty you’re likely to be in a period where the amount of worry you experience is going to be higher. When things don’t go as planned and […]

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Do you have a mental health first aider?

Here are 7 reasons why you should appoint mental health first aiders in your business.

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Is 2020 the year of Mental Fitness?

In this podcast Chris Shambrook & Adam Morris talk about Mental Fitness. They explore what the term means and discuss ways we can all look after and maintain our Mental […]

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What is mental readiness?

Knowing what you need to think and getting good at thinking it – is a pretty simple definition of mental readiness for preparing and performing and depending on who you’re […]

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