Eliteteam principles

Want to know how build a truly high performing team? Watch this short but beautifully formed video for everything you need to know so that you’ve got the fundamentals in place […]

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High performance – the clue is in the name

Leaders say they want high performing teams. But because they don’t know what it means, they label things “high performance” that aren’t.

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Setting team goals – what the pros do

The art and science of high performance goal setting has been lost. Results matter. That’s why the world of work thinks about little else and it’s not going to change. […]

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How this team rolls

High performing teams know the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that will help them win and they know how important they are. So they work hard at them and practise them […]

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Create a compelling and powerful team purpose

High performing teams have a clear purpose they focus on. They’re clear about why the team exists and what it’s there to do. That way, they make the most of […]

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Create powerful team goals that really work

High performing teams need to be clear why they exist, what winning looks like and how they need to think and act. Until that’s sorted, don’t bother with anything else. […]

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Set your team up for success

High performing teams are rare. Getting together a group of clever, talented and experienced people who know their stuff isn’t enough, though too many believe it is. Make yours one […]

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High performance team assessment

High performing teams are different. They think and act in unique ways and they practise high impact habits with passion and discipline. If you’re serious about your team being high […]

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High performance team tracker

High performing teams are different. They keep track of things they need to do that they can control, influence and that predict great performance. Then they use that information to […]

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Building a high performance team

High performing teams are different. They think, act and behave in ways that set them apart. Go figure. If you want to be one of the few who know how […]

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